Kolme staralaista valmiusharjoituksessa öisessä Helsingissä. Miehet siirtävät betoniporsaita autosta kadun sulkemiseksi. Poliisi ja sotilas partioivat vieressä.
Photo: Puolustusvoimat / Meri Leppänen

We are a reliable partner of the City of Helsinki in unexpected events requiring immediate action. Thanks to our flexible resources, we are in a constant state of readiness to deal with oil spill accidents. We are able to start clearing storm damage or preventing flooding in the shoreline of Helsinki without delay. We also provide assistance to the state, for example, in security arrangements during state visits.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we set up testing stations as well as procured and delivered urgently needed personal protective equipment for healthcare and social welfare. During the crisis in Ukraine, we have been involved in setting up reception points in the ports. Stara is always ready to help.

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Photo: Finnish Defence Forces / Meri Leppänen