Stara not only works to create a more comfortable Helsinki, but also a fairer world. Our work is guided by the City’s goals, values and ethical principles.

Kaksi staralaista vaihtaa liikennemerkkejä uusiin. Kuva: Veikko Somerpuro
Photo: Veikko Somerpuro

Environmental responsibility and quality of construction

Stara has an EcoCompass certificate as proof of achieving the goals of the environmental programme. We are an active operator in the Baltic Sea Challenge, a network committed to the protection of the Baltic Sea.

By following the principles of EcoCompass, Stara saves on waste, material, water and energy costs. The energy consumption of buildings, in particular, has fallen sharply in recent years. Every year, many Stara employees participate in eco-supporter training organised by the City. Teams of eco-supporters promote waste sorting and material recycling, give tips on saving energy and share information about the environmental management system, for example.

The Construction Quality Association RALA has granted the RALA Certification to Stara. The Certification is a procedure for the auditing and approval of the operating system of an organisation in the construction sector, through which the organisation’s operating system receives public validation. The Certification is an indication of the level and quality of operations.

Read more about Stara’s environmental responsibility in the annual report in Finnish

Photo: Veikko Somerpuro